• Alloy Wheels, Forged Wheels for your Vehicle
  • Alloy Wheels, Forged Wheels for your Vehicle
  • Alloy Wheels, Forged Wheels for your Vehicle
  • Alloy Wheels, Forged Wheels for your Vehicle

Alloy Wheels for your Vehicle

Alloy wheels are made from an alloy, either magnesium or aluminum. Today, many alloy wheels are crafted from lightweight aluminum. The name of the game is to create a unique, sleek and appealing wheel design, while at the same time crafting a light chassis. The wheel chassis grows lighter when crafted from aluminium alloys as opposed to steel. Aluminum alloys can also be combined with other alloys like nickel or magnesium. Due to their lightweight, alloy wheels can provide better performance than their heavier steel counterparts. Quicker acceleration and better stopping capability have been known to be one of the advantages of alloy over steel wheels.

Forged wheels - solid aluminum

They are made by melting aluminum into liquid form, and then pouring the heated liquid into molds. As they cool, the solid aluminum hardens into a cast. Cast rims are very strong, but forged wheels are even stronger. Forged wheels are produced with intense pressure. They are up to three times stronger than normal cast wheels.

Knowing the difference between alloy wheels, steel wheels and forged wheels is important when potentially changing out the current wheels you have on your vehicle. In many cases, obtaining forged wheels may mean having to look outside of the OEM or factory manufactured generics, and looking into aftermarket forged wheels for your auto. The benefit to this is that Choice Wheels carries and has product listings of steel, forged and alloy wheels for your review.

Browse for Wheels/Rims by Vehicle Type

Wheels add aesthetics, style and beauty to any car. Customization is made easy when wheels are concerned. They are relatively easy to install, there are a lot to choose from, and they donít cost too much. They are a great start to any customization project because great looking wheels can turn any car into a unique driving machine.

Here at Choice Wheels we cover all kinds of Wheels for all types of Vehicles. They come in assortment of finishes, sizes and designs. The Wheels featurd here are the best and the finest you can find in the market. So for all your custom wheels needs, Choice Wheels is the best choice.

Please choose a type of vehicle to get started, or visit our Brands section to find wheels and rims by brand.

Alloy wheels & steel rims brands


Volkswagen Beetle 2014 is the new arrival in the market with its increased external appearance as well as a convertible model to suite every personnel for a happy usage onroads. Beetle is with a 2.5 liter five cylinder in the base model and is with 1.8 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine is replaced in the new one.

Toyota RAV4 2014

Five seater Toyota Rav4 2014 is a popular crossover SUV with compact dimensions providing comfortable space for small families. Due to its compact size with lane departure warning system, automatic high-beam control with fuel economy make the RAV4 an efficient product on roads. Driver and the passengers both can definitely enjoy a smooth ride and big space is provided for cargo to be carried.

SUV Wheels

At Choice Wheels, we want to ensure that we have the most variety of wheels that is possible online. We have wheels for sedans, trucks, and you guessed it - SUVs. SUV stands for sport utility vehicle.

The SUV is becoming a popular mode of transport. The concept of an SUV is not quite a truck, but not quite a car. You've got more room to haul things around, a bigger trunk, and the opening to the trunk is usually bigger too.

This is an important distinction to make because often times when you want to fit a larger item into your vehicle, you may have enough space in the back seat or the trunk, but you also need enough clearance from the trunk door in order to make it happen.

Sometimes, you can even see people in the parking lot, taking apart their trunk on their sedan (if they're handy enough) simply because they know the item will fit, but there isn't enough clearance frmo the trunk door. SUVs are great for carrying more and having the space to do it.

Also, in many cases an SUV can carry more passengers as well. There may be an optional additional seat, which can be removed in case of more space being required for people.

About Steel Rims & Alloy Wheels

Steel, Alloy Car Wheels & Rims

  • 2CRAVE - no.2 - 17 Inch Rim x 7 - (4x100/4x4.5) Offset (40) Wheel Finish - glossy black
  • ITP SS316 Wheel - 14x7 - 5+2 Offset - 4/110 - Black/Machined , Bolt Pattern: 4/110, Rim Of
  • ITP SS106 Wheel - 12x7 - 2+5 Offset - 4/137 - Machined, Wheel Rim Size: 12x7, Rim Offset