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The purpose Ford wheels serve is very important for they act as the middleman; the link gets the message from the engine to move and then allows your vehicle to do so over the road. Therefore, it is important that Ford wheels can withstand a great deal of pressure; under various conditions to provide you with the control you need in handling your vehicle.

Looking for a set of Ford Custom Wheels in the store means you may or may not find what you're looking for. If you're looking for stock factory wheels for your car, then you will probably need to look at a dealership. If you are looking for aftermarket wheels, you can look anywhere. But if you are picky and want Ford Custom Wheels, then you may have to look online. Do you have any local stores that sell wheels? They may sell Ford wheels. You can call them and ask if they do or not. Be sure to post a review on how your wheel search went - did you find what you're looking for?

Tail lights and head lights will look great on your Ford. They will go excellent with the new wheel or rim package you just purchased for your ride. A new set of headlights can help to illuminate the road moreso as well. At night time, having the proper headlights will keep you on the road. Being safe while on the road at the same time as being stylish whn driving your Ford is very important.

Have you recently done some body work to your car? Perhaps added a new carbon fiber hood, spoiler, or tail lights. Have you recently added a body kit?

Ford wheels will help raise your car. So perhaps you recently purchased a body kit or underglow for your ride. You don't want these parts to drag on the ground - the best thing you can do is add a pair of Ford wheels to your car to raise it up. No raising or lowering blocks, springs, or what have you required.

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Ford Custom Wheels by Model

This page has reviews of Ford Wheels, Rims & Tires. You can purchase Ford rims on sale, or buy a complete wheel package consisting of rims and tires. Purchase at a discount rate or leave a review. Ford Wheels, Rims, Tires,Custom, OEM, Aftermarket and More,,reviews,buy on sale,discount,cheap,kajiji,ebay,craigslist,alloy wheels

Many Ford authorized dealers offer free shipping on their in-stock orders. Choicewheels is an excellent place to find discount wheels and rims, including wheel packages with center caps, alloy wheels, custom wheel and rims and much more. When installing a new set of Ford rims or wheels on your vehicle, often times budget is a part to consider.

This is why consumers often look for a wholesale set of Ford wheels. Kajiji, E-bay and Craigslist are excellent places to find a set of discount rims. When looking for the best deal, it pays to shop around!

Ford models and other accessories information

ASPIRE 94-on 4X100 12mmX1.5 54.1 H
CONTOUR 95-on 4X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
CROWN VICTORIA 91-on 5X114.3 1/2-RH - M/L
ESCORT 81-90 4X108 12mmX1.5 63.6 H
ESCORT LX, WAGON 91-94 4X100 12mmX1.5 54.1 H
ESCORT GT 91-96 4X100 12mmX1.5 54.1 H
ESCORT LX 92-97 4X100 12mmX1.5 54.1 H
EXP 81-85 4X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
FESTIVA 87-93 4X114.3 12mmX1.5 - H
FOCUS 2000-on 4X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
FULL SIZE (GALAXIE,CUSTOM,ETC.) 57-64 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 - L
FULL SIZE -        
(CUSTOM,GALAXIE,T-BIRD,ETC.) 65-72 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L
FULL SIZE          
(CUSTOM,GALAXIE,T-BIRD) 73-78 5X127 1/2-RH - L
FULL SIZE -        
MAVERICK,MUSTANG,ETC.) 64-74 4X114.3 1/2-RH - L/M
MAVERICK,MUSTANG,ETC.) 64-73 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L
MUSTANG 79-93 4X108 1/2-RH - M
MUSTANG 94-on 5X114.3 1/2-RH - M/H
MUSTANG GT 94-on 5X114.3 1/2-RH 70.3 M/H
MUSTANG GT (OPT.), COBRA 97-on 5X114.3 1/2-RH 70.3 M/H
MUSTANG 5.0GT 85-91 4X108 1/2-RH - M
MUSTANG 5.0GT 91-93 4X108 1/2-RH - M
PROBE 88-92 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 59.6 H
PROBE 93-96 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 67.1 H
PROBE GT 88-97 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 59.6 H
T-BIRD 85-88 4X108 1/2-RH - M
T-BIRD 89-97 5X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
T-BIRD SC 89-97 5X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
T-BIRD 02-on 5X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
TAURUS 86-96 5X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
TAURUS 86-on 5X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
TAURUS SHO 97 5X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
TEMPO 83-85 4X108 12mmx1.5 63.9 H
TEMPO 85-94 4X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
TEMPO 92-94 4X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
ZX2 97- 4X100 12mmX1.5 54.1 H
AEROSTAR 85-97 5X114.3 1/2-RH - M
BRONCO 66-on 5X139.7 1/2-RH - L
BRONCO II 7 82-90 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L/M
COURIER PICKUP 77-84 6X139.7 12mmX1.5 - L
ESCAPE 01-on 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 - H
EXCURSION 00-on 8X170 14mmX2.0 - L
EXPEDITION 97-00 5X135 12X1.75 87 L
EXPEDITION 2-Jan 5X135 14mmX2.0 87 L
EXPEDITION 02-on 6x135 14mmX2.0 87 L
F1/2 TON F-100,150 TRUCK 54-95 5X139.7 1/2-RH - L
F150 TRUCK 96-00 5X135 12X1.75MM 87 L
F150 TRUCK 01-on 5X135 14mmX2.0 87 L
RANCHERO 65-84 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L
RANGER 2WD 81-on 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L/M
RANGER 4WD 7 83-on 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L/M
WINDSTAR 94-on 5X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
1/2 TON E-100,150 VAN 68-84 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L
1/2 TON E-100,150 VAN 70-96 5X139.7 1/2-RH - L
1/2 TON F-100 (4X2) POWER BRAKES 80-85 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L

Ford wheels change from time to time, and we cannot guarantee these specifications are current. If you have questions to confirm wheel spacing and specifications, please use the contact us form. Please specify there what issue you are having and we will try to help. For exact fitments, talk to the Ford wheels manufacturer, your local dealer, etc. We also have forums available where you can post your wheel related question.

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