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Wheels are also among those auto contraptions which can provide your vehicle added appeal. You can have Primax wheels as a final touch. The good thing about Primax wheels is that they do not only possess good looks, they also provide a wider tire that translates to better traction and handling. You can also employ custom Primax wheels. Primax wheels usually come with innovative rim designs that can go a long way in making your car look stunning and attractive.

There are literally thousands of wheel designs available in every auto parts dealer so you can choose what suits best to your taste and budget. You just have to find the most reliable auto parts provider to make sure you'll get high-quality custom Primax wheels. Well, browse our comprehensive directory, look for your needed Primax wheels and place your order with one of our partners. That simple!

No matter how elegant your vehicle is, if it doesn't have quality wheels, it will not function the way it is expected to function. Perhaps, of all the moving parts that work together in your vehicle, the wheels carry the most important function. A wheel works simultaneously to get you to and from your destination. It acts as the mediator between your car and the road for they transport the engine's energy into forward motion. A wheel must also withstand immense forces in all directions to keep your vehicle always in control. So trust Primax Wheels to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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center rings hi, i live in holland and i have a set of primax rims. My car is a renault 19 from 1994. The only problem is, that the plastic center rings are missing. Can you please help me find them? T.i.a.

beau posted on Tuesday, June 02, 2009

magnesium alloy wheels No. 254, Keji Road,
Hi-tech Development Zone, Weihai,
264209, P.R.China
Tel: 86-631-3655516
Fax: 86-631-5625529
Website: www.wanfengmagnesium.com
E-mail: shengtaotang@hotmail.com

Dear Sir or Madam:
We learned your company from website and we think that there must be some possibilities for us to establish a sort of business communication in regard to what we produce and what you sell.
Weihai Wanfeng Magnesium S&T Development Co., Ltd., with the goal of providing the reasonable prices and the best advice based on our experience, has earned a reputation in USA market for building the top quality auto parts, and especially in the racing car area.
Our company is specializing in various magnesium alloy parts and accessories, including parts and accessories of bodies (including cabs) for vehicles, nesoi, automobile wheels, electromotion cycle wheels, ATV wheels, go-kart wheels, auto cycle wheels, auto engine parts, auto body parts, gear-box and engine shell, engine parts and other parts, magnesium wheels of automobile or autobike, magnesium steerings, magnesium fans, magnesium bonnets and brackets. Most of them are export to USA and Europe. At present, the first-phase production capacity, which designed by company will be up to 300000 pcs of magnesium alloy wheels and 500000 pcs other parts. The company lies in High-tech Development.
We hope business will be materialized owing to our mutual efforts and we are looking forward to your specific inquiries.

Respectfully yours,

Shengtao Tang
General Manager
June, 2007

Sonya posted on Tuesday, July 17, 2007
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Many Primax Authorized Dealers offer Free Shippping on their in-stock orders. With a bit of research, you should be able to find Wholesale Primax Wheels and Rims or at least, you should never have to pay full retail price! It pays to shop around, discounted Primax Wheels on sale will save you lots of money. If the price of new Primax rims is still out of your budget, you might want to consider buying Used Primax Wheels on eBay, or check your local classified listings for other bargains.

This is why consumers often look for a wholesale set of Primax wheels. Kajiji, E-bay and Craigslist are excellent places to find a set of discount rims. When looking for the best deal, it pays to shop around!

Custom Primax Wheels Primax Rims & Tires | Car Wheels, Reviews and Quotes at Choicewheels.com Order Primax Wheels Primax Rims

Many Primax authorized dealers offer free shipping on their in-stock orders. Choicewheels is an excellent place to find discount wheels and rims, including wheel packages with center caps, alloy wheels, custom wheel and rims and much more. When installing a new set of Primax rims or wheels on your vehicle, often times budget is a part to consider.

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